Redeeming Beauty

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There is no doubt that God made every woman incredibly beautiful – inside and out, but in the world that we live in that beauty is constantly under attack.

Throughout history women have suffered wounds inflicted by men and wounds inflicted by other women – that strike at the core of the beauty of the feminine soul and seek to damage and stain the image of God on the inside of women.

On an unseen level these wounds can come in the form of rejection, comparison, unhealthy competition and various other forms of heartbreak. On a more visible level, they are the wounds of women that have suffered real violence, sexual abuse, perhaps rape and slavery.  The devil hates the beauty on the inside of a woman, and will do what he can to attack and destroy it. 

But God is passionate about the beauty at the heart of every woman and where it has been attacked and damaged our God is intent on that beauty being redeemed.

On Saturday 21 September C3 City Campus hosted Pampered with Purpose.  Over 50 volunteers from the community + over 50 church members volunteered their time to provide various beauty treatments, entertainment and hospitality to church members, friends, and marginilised women from various organisations in the community.   Close to 300 women gathered in an atmosphere of beauty, refreshment, fun and generosity and together we raised $15,000 for the further education of young women rebuilding their life after the horror of captivity under Joseph Kony. 

At the heart of this event is a desire to unveil and celebrate the beauty inside every woman.  Locally women are transformed on the outside by are skilled practitioners, and on an international level we become a part of the bringing a hope and a future to the beautiful and brave young women in Northern Uganda. 

The fruit of this event is not only skin deep, it goes beyond that as women hearts are touched with the love of God.  This year it was our greatest joy to see 2 of our community volunteer leaders come into relationship with Jesus Christ, and many of our visitors impacted by the love in action they experienced in God’s house.  So, a big cheer to C3 City Campus and our EveryWoman Team for making this event possible.

Love you, Ps Kirrily xx

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