SG Morning Crew: Pancakes with Purpose

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In Acts 5:20 it says 'Go into the temple courts and tell the people about this new life'.

As the C3 Church Youth Ministry, we believe in the importance of 'going' to where the people are instead of just sitting down and waiting for them to come.

Here at SG Youth we are passionate about seeing young people find the hope that we have and helping them discover that there is a purpose for their life.

Together with Mitch Hammond, I oversee our C3 Church Youth ‘SG High Schools Ministry’. We manage many initiatives such as scripture teaching, lunchtime hangouts, chapel preaching, handball competitions, mentoring and a program we call ‘Morning Crew’.

Morning Crew is an initiative aimed at doing what we can for the local high schools in the area. Early in the morning, a team of SG youth leaders gather together and take BBQs with a heap of pancake mix into the grounds of high schools to provide a free breakfast for students. Within a single term we run about 8 Morning Crews, feeding approximately one thousand students.

What is awesome is that not only do we get to feed a huge amount of students, who may have skipped breakfast, but we also get a chance to hang out and get to know the youth in this area. We have a couple of team members cooking whilst the rest of the team play handball, chat and get to know the students. We often chat to students who let us know they are struggling a bit with life and get to respond with encouragement and uplifting words, which is something a lot of teenagers aren't used to hearing. There is a lot of pressure and unfortunate circumstances that are placed on young people across this generation and being able to provide them with hope and understanding really makes a difference.

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We currently run our high schools ministry program in eight high schools across the Northern Beaches including Narrabeen, Barrenjoey, Pittwater, Forest, Oxford Falls Grammar and Northern Beaches Christian School amongst others. We also do end of term BBQs at lunchtime to a range of schools such as Freshwater Campus, Roseville Ladies College and many more.

As a C3 Church Youth Ministry, we have seen so much fruit come from these programs, simply by loving and serving the youth in their schools across the northern beaches. There is nothing like carrying a message of hope, purpose and life to a generation where this doesn't get shared enough.


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