My C3 College Experience - Lauren Cameron

C3 College student Lauren Cameron wasn't always so enthusiastic about 'taking the leap' into studying scripture and leadership. Read her genuine recount of the journey to studying at C3 College, the inherent challenges overcome in the process and the abundant fruit of her time there.

I started first year of college in February 2012 after re-dedicating my life to Christ two years earlier. At the time I was in the connect group of an American student Amber, who convinced me to come along to the College Info Night. To be honest, I wasn't interested in going to college at all, but went along as Amber was very persistent. 

It was there that I heard stories from past students, present students and staff and I knew deep down that college was the next step in my walk. They didn't just talk about the logistics, or the subjects that we studied, but they talked about the ministry, the experiences with God, the fellowship and how we would grow. It was all about walking out the journey….I wasn't able to see the finish line just yet, but I knew it was there and believed it would be worth it.  

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Getting to college wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to quit my job and leave my apartment in Manly. I had so many ‘what the heck am I doing’ moments, but God had put it on my heart to be at college, so although it was difficult at times, I was willing to do whatever it took.

My first year at college was exhausting but full of challenges fought and won. There were many long chats with fellow students (who have now become my closest friends). I am so glad that I persevered - it was absolutely worth it. 

The end of first year rolled around and as I looked back I saw the fruit of how much I had learned and how much growth had taken place. At the beginning of my college journey, I always said I was only committing to one year. Now, I’ve almost finished my 3rd year and I have so much direction for my life. Doing classes where I look at my strengths and weaknesses, personality testing, what my passions are and refocusing on my dreams means I can never go back to where my life was previously headed. I have a whole new perception on my life, who I am and what I want to accomplish. 

Third year in itself has been awesome. I have been able to intern at church (with the Communications Department and C3 Beyond). I have seen the other side of running a church that I previously never would have. Our classes look at the raw side of church planting and we hear (first hand) ministry experiences from all over the world. The teachers at C3 College are not only that. They are leaders who were committed to my growth and I have never met people who invest more time into students, or who care for those in the college as much as they do. They always have an open door, and I have always felt incredibly supported by them.

Being able to go on a missions trip every year for 3 years has been such a honour. Its amazing going to other churches to serve and putting everything we have learnt into practice, whilst blessing other churches. We get to play an awesome role in every conference that is on, and the guest speakers that come to speak at the college are AMAZING!

College is by far the most difficult thing I’ve done, but absolutely the most rewarding. The experiences, breakthrough, moments of worship, growth that I have had here are vital to who I am now. It has given me such a solid foundation for my everyday life, but also for my future. 

C3 College (Creative Arts and Bible College Sydney) is actually more than a Bible College. It’s a vibrant community campus bursting with creativity. A practical and experiential study environment centred firmly on the presence of God. C3 College have their Info Night for 2015 on November 11 at 7pm.