'C3 Cares' for our Community!

C3 Cares have had another incredible week serving the local community.

Over the past couples of weeks we have held four outreach events across Sydney.  We had a total of 192 people attend these outreach services, 77 visitors and 35 salvations! 

On Friday at Merrylands, we heard from Nic Gibb, who shared her story about overcoming disappointment. There was 34 people who attended, 16 first time visitors and 14 salvations.   

In Penrith on Monday, Executive Pastors Dave and Emma Barter were out and about in the community, reaching out to the homeless as well as local friends. Dave preached a powerful message of hope and overcoming depressing and the event had a great inclusive vibe. 42 people attended, with 20 first time visitors and 5 salvations. 

On Wednesday at Oxford Falls, our college students put on a spread and Josie Parata shared on her work within the community. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as she invited everyone in the room to meet with Jesus. We had 65 people attend, 40 visitors and 14 salvations. It was a fantastic way to meet practical needs within the community. 

Thursday at the Silverwater Care Centre saw Katie Haldane ministering to clients who were struggling with suicidal thoughts. Her words brought the beginning of a great new start for many people. 71 people attended, with 1 visitor and 2 salvations. 

Overall in 2014 through the C3 Cares services, we've seen 98 people respond to Jesus for the very first time in these outreach events. 

We wouldnt be able to do it without our awesome volunteers who give their time and do and amazing job! Legends.

We appreciate your continued prayers so much and we are so excited about what God is doing through the work of the local care centres! 


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