Christians Against Poverty - Ps Phil interviews CAP Founder John Kirkby

We were honoured to recently have Christians Against Poverty (CAP) founder John Kirkby speak at our Silverwater, City and Oxford Falls campuses. Afterwards, he was able to sit down with our Senior Minister Phil Pringle for a chat. You can check it out below.

As a result of some poor business decisions in the early nineties, English-born businessman John Kirkby saw his highly successful career collapse and leave him over $100,000 in debt. Shortly after, someone gave him a bible. John went to church, had a life-changing conversion experience, and began to turn his life around. Things didn’t immediately improve. In fact, they continued to get worse, resulting in the end of his twelve year marriage and the heart-wrenching agony of being unable to feed himself or his two daughters when they came over for visits. John landed a job with a company he had helped establish years earlier. Two years later he launched CAP. Today CAP has 230 employees at its head office in Bradford, UK, with sister organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. CAP provides debt help for 26,000 people in a year, and is one of most effective and respected charities in the UK. John’s is a powerful story of the redemptive grace and mercy of a very loving God.

If you are struggling with unmanageable debt, CAP can help! CAP is a free debt management service open to anyone who is struggling with overwhelming financial debt. Please phone the CAP helpline on 1300 227 000 or visit for more information. 

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