Pathfinders Mentoring - building strong relationships

Our C3 marketplace ministry, Pathfinders, is all about 'helping people to prosper on purpose'. 

Comprising Pathfinders are three separate streams to suit different audiences: Pathfinders Breakfasts, Masterclasses and Mentoring Program. Each of these streams are about developing and nurturing men and women in pursuing their call and prospering with purpose.

The Pathfinders Mentoring stream helps individuals build the character to enable them to prosper in the marketplace. It aims to partner individuals with those who are a few steps ahead in life, who have wisdom and advice to offer that we believe will enrich experiences and sharpen direction. It is cross-generational and aims to develop a relationship rather than a process.

Pathfinders Mentoring begins again in March 2015 and you can register at the Pathfinders Website.

GALLERY BELOW: Pathfinders Mentoring Graduation 2014 at Maslow's Sydney

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