SMS Lighthouse - Nicole's Story

SMS Lighthouse supports women struggling with the difficult and diverse challenges that arise from being a single parent, including connecting them with the appropriate services for their unique situation, such as the debt recovery service Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The ultimate triumph is to see past clients reach a place where they are confident and equipped to pay forward the help they received.  - Here is Nicole’s story…

“Before I met Josie we had been clinging to life on an up-turned shipwreck of divorce, domestic violence, homelessness and uncertainty. When I met her under a tree in Dee Why she gave me inspirational hope that I could turn our lives out for good. First she referred me to a debt-coach who helped me become debt-free and use a budget. Next, she turned her attention to my unsuitable housing situation. My son Hayden had many episodes of Asthma whilst living in our cramped, damp entirely too small unit. I believe it was through your influence and support that I was offered transitional housing for which I am eternally grateful.

When a false complaint was made to Human Services about me, Josie came and sat by my side while I was interviewed by Child Protection Officers. I was so distressed, but her calm presence gave me strength to refute the allegations.

When my Daughter was kept by her father on an access visit Josie arranged all the necessary documentation and support for me to successfully self-represent in Family Court to get her back. I had been suffering a stress-induced amnesia and could barely fill out the forms that first few days. Josie also drove to Newcastle to serve the Recovery Order paperwork on my ex-husband. That was above and beyond the call of duty.

Through her inspiration, I have had the pleasure of volunteering within SMS Lighthouse, Single Mums Support and have seen the impact of the organisation work in the lives of hundreds of families from Warringah area and on the Northern Beaches. The ‘Moving Forward’ program has helped shape and equip the lives of single mums from all over Sydney.”

Nicole receiving the Overcomer of the Year Award for the incredible challenges she overcame whilst working with CAP

Nicole receiving the Overcomer of the Year Award for the incredible challenges she overcame whilst working with CAP

If you are struggling with unmanageable debt, CAP can help! CAP is a free debt management service open to anyone who is struggling with overwhelming financial debt. Please phone the CAP helpline on 1300 227 000 or visit for more information.