Ps Phil chats with Dr Bob Harrison

Ps Phil Pringle sat down recently with renowned "Increase Activist" and host of the Hawaii Increase Event, Dr Bob Harrison to record some thoughts on the ideas surrounding 'increase' and how we navigate this as a believer. Dr Harrison is a noted seminar/conference speaker with a heart for helping families and businesses to not only turn their finances around, but to also ensure a holistic approach to all areas of life based on Biblical principles. 

Q&A Time | Increase Hawaii | Dr Bob Harrison, Ps Phil Pringle, Lance Wallnau.

Q&A Time | Increase Hawaii | Dr Bob Harrison, Ps Phil Pringle, Lance Wallnau.

Ps Phil was a key speaker at Dr Harrison's annual 'Increase' event this year, which saw influential business leaders and achievers congregate in Maui, Hawaii.

In the recorded conversation, Dr Harrison talks with Ps Phil about a practical approach to helping people within the church in regards to the 'Increase Principles' revealed through scriptural wisdom. He notes that we need a strategy in the way we handle and steward the money that God has entrusted us, and that he began what he is doing because he didn't see solid answers and strategies in the church to help him as a younger businessman. He and his wife moved into ministry with the vision:

"We are going to provide vehicles to help business people find those Bible based answers and strategies (and relationships) that could help them through those difficult times and to help them get to higher levels."

See the full conversation below. We hope this would encourage you in your pursuits, whether they be in ministry or in the market place. God has plans for 'Greater Things', and we are His instruments to bless others as we build His great House.

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