What happens at C3 Everywoman Uganda? This. Is. Africa.

The heart and vision behind Everywoman started in C3 Oxford Falls as a small seed. Momentum for this powerful ministry is increasing all around the world – and Africa is no exception. Over the past week in Uganda, two C3 Everywoman conferences were held, impacting and inspiring the women to stand and rise again in confidence. The first conference was for our C3 churches in Northern Uganda, held in a village called Kigtum Matidi. The other was for C3 churches in Kampala, held for the first time at C3 Bukoto. Over 40 C3 Churches in Uganda joined together for two unforgettable days of kingdom building, with empowering words by Mumma Chris Pringle and Pastor Amanda Antcliff.  


First in Kitgum Matidi…

With set-up complete the afternoon before the event, bright coloured balloons hung from the ceiling and beautiful material banners hung from the walls. Food for those staying overnight was cooking in pots over an open fire and toilet holes were dug. Over the afternoon, there was a gradual stream of women and children coming in. As we were about to leave, a truck with over 50 women pulled up outside the church. This was the first of the many drops offs from across the region. Women and children climbed out as chickens flew off the truck, followed by a goat who obviously had no idea he was living his last day.

Over 1200 women gathered together the following day in the church, with others having to listen from the windows.  Dust churned from the ground as the ladies danced, and beautiful, natural harmonies filled the church in glorious song. It’s in these moments you know God is smiling. Mumma Chris, loved by many in this nation, brought her big hugs, along with an empowering message of finding your secret place with God and staying hidden in him. Pastor Amanda shared with us a word in season from God about women needing to awake, arise, march on and heed the call of God to be like Deborah in the Bible. The day was filled with God’s heart and vision for His women in this nation.


And then Kampala…

C3 Bukoto hosted the conference as the 5 C3 Kampala churches joined together in an amazing day filled with joy and the presence of God. Once again we had empowering messages from Pastors Chris and Amanda plus powerful testimonies from some of the women of God’s protection and provision in their life. One highlight was Mumma Chris ministering with some beautiful prophetic worship that invited God’s presence to soak over the women and open their hearts. It was a glorious moment.

With great success we now wait in anticipation for what God has in store for future Everywoman conferences here in Africa.