My Cup Runneth Over - Mother's Day Reflections

C3 City Campus Executive Pastor Kirrily Lowe shares her reflections on being a mother, wife, and daughter of our magnificent God. 

It was Sunday morning one week ago.  I gird my heart for the challenge of getting 3 strong, noisy, lively boys and my husband out the door in a peaceful, calm fashion ready for a great day in church.

The temptation comes to complain about all that is in my hands.  So often the stress rises, the scream rises, the Mummy tantrum begins. But this Sunday I hear a deeper voice,  a calmer voice, a quieter voice, the voice of my spirit , quietly it bubbles up and I hear the words “My cup runneth over”.

And I know it is true, my cup does runneth over. How is it that a blessed cup can so easily turn into a messy stressful cup, that becomes a complaining cup, which becomes an empty cup drained of all the life and joy in it?

On this Sunday morning my perspective shifts and my heart utters praise and gratitude to God for all that is in my hands.

Maybe a cup running over will always feel a little bit messy, a little bit out of control, a little bit beyond our capacity to contain it. Maybe we aren’t meant to contain it, maybe a blessed life lets the cup run over and rejoices as it does.

Four days later I am at the celebration service of the life of beautiful, brave and mighty little Hugo White  - who left this earth to run and play with Jesus at the brave age of 5.  I see a family standing and giving glory to God that their cup runneth over, as they thank God for the life of their little gift Hugo.

I am in awe, and I think about Jesus, and the night he asked His father to take a cup from Him, the cup of suffering, the cup of pain, the cup of rejection, the cup of separation from the Father.  Against His will he drank the cup the father gave Him, and that cup, so bitter to drink became a cup that runneth over – bringing salvation and blessing to all humanity.

And I wonder, perhaps even the painful cups, the difficult cups, are the cups where we will see God’s goodness and glory most runneth over, where His power and blessing are most evident.  Perhaps the cups we don’t want to drink are the cups that will run over for the blessing of others.  Perhaps there are times we drink the bitter water to turn it into better water for those around us.

I search my bible for “My cup runneth over” and surprisingly I find it in the heart of the 23rd Psalm.

King David has a cup running over in the valley of the shadow of death.  He has a cup running over when surrounded by enemies.

Have we become confused about the cup that runs over?  Our natural mind cries out for the cup of circumstantial blessing.  Our spiritual minds cry out for the cup of living water, the cup that never runs out, the cup of the presence and power of the living God.  The cup that overflows through any and every circumstance.

I am learning God’s ways, how He heals our eyes to see the cup running over in the midst of our circumstances, before he shifts our circumstances.  As David boldly declares the cup that runs over, goodness and mercy chase him down.

I thank God for my cup that runs over. And I cry out for healing medicine for my eyes. May I always perceive the overflowing cup.  May my blindness be healed.




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