Experiencing Presence Kids // Tammy Edwards

C3 Kids Oxford Falls pastor Tammy Edwards writes...

I can still remember as a young girl the time Sunday and Church collided so wonderfully in my life. The year I started Kindergarten, my Mum was swept up into Christ and I will never forget the difference Church family & God’s power had on our completely undone condition.

Just a few weeks ago, we had the absolute joy of hosting hundreds of children at Presence Kids in the heart of Sydney. What a sight to see families gathered, eager to be together and lean into Christ.

Our pre-schoolers ran into a garden playground of adventure learning all about 3 fruits of the Spirit, LOVE, KINDNESS & PEACE. Our team leaders, scriptwriters, actors, puppeteers, worship leaders and production team worked incredibly hard to make every time of day exceptional. The daily interactive shows were out of this world and just one of the ways they learnt about God.

Our Primary aged kids jumped into Tumbalong Park to find the Big Top, carnival rides, slime time & Tribes! The sound of praise filled the air night & day and carried some of the best moments of the week. After every message the front was filled, hands were raised and commitments were made. First time commitments to Jesus, prayer to be kind, prayer for family, prayer against fears. Very special times!

One of the greatest sights this year was to see our Helping Hands Team minister to twice as many children with special needs, knowing the impact a week like that has on parents and carers. It was incredible to see every child arrive, relax, laugh and experience the nearness of God. One of my personal highlights was a conversation with Gracie’s mum. Young Grace has Cerebral Palsy and enjoyed her 2nd Presence Conference this year. She enjoyed it so much that she spent each afternoon approaching the courtyard whispering “Party, party, party” and spent most evenings laughing in her sleep. We hope to help more and more families just like this in the future.

One cold and rainy Sunday, weeks after my mum began her walk with Christ, our Church family huddled together beside the Nepean River for a baptism service. I didn’t completely understand the significance of that day, that prayer or that water. Today I do, and I am forever grateful.

See you & your kids at Presence 2015 “THERE IS A RIVER”.

Ps Tammy Edwards along with her husband James, are the wondrously hard working children's pastors at C3 Church Oxford Falls. Together they oversee the operation of the C3 Kids ministry. To find out more, call us on (02) 9972 8688 or throw us an email: c3kids@myc3church.net.