We Are Vision Builders

Ps Tim Lowe, Executive Pastor - C3 City Campus

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I have been passionate about Vision Builders since the moment I attended my first Rise and Build dinner at C3 Oxford Falls in 2000. I was a last minute invite from a girl I was dating – Kirrily. We sat up the back on table 10. All I recall was BIG balloons on the table and the presence of God falling upon me. Tears filled my eyes and I began to weep as I was moved by ordinary everyday people, young and old, who told their stories of the journey in giving extraordinary amounts to God through Rise and Build to create a future for our Church, Children and Community.

I gave sacrificially that year. We can’t take people where we have not been ourselves. Little did I know that step of faith, commitment and sacrifice, was the beginning of building a capacity in us to lead a team of Champions who have now given over $4.5 Million to Vision Builders since planting C3 City Campus.

I’m continually inspired, challenged and humbled by stories from around our movement of pastors who have had the courage to lead people to give to God raising Funds to build the church. This is not for the faint hearted but its what we do and who we are as Vision Builders. Ultimately vision builders is not about buildings it’s about transformed lives, and for this reason we must continually Arise and Build.

The above is an excerpt adapted from the article 'I’m A Vision Builder – 5 Best Practices for Capital Fund Raising' that featured in The Know, a series of articles for Pastors and Leaders distributed by C3 Church Australia.

We are excited to host you at our Vision Builders Commitment Dinner on Friday June 20. Click here for more information.