SG Youth - Takin' It To The Streets

The guys and girls at SG Senior High Oxford Falls are serious about Jesus, so they figured they should go offsite for a night to tell others about Him... and also have a party. Read what they got up to below. Words by Alex Lee.

At SG Senior High Oxford Falls, we often divide ourselves into three different 'Tribes', based on where we are from on the Beaches. We organised an outreach night for Saturday May 31st at three locations to cater to three different areas and be three times as effective in sharing the Gospel. All locations ran very successfully, each one with its own flavour but with the same focus and heart.

South, which was run by Mitch Hammond and all the connect group leaders in the south hosted 41 people at North Steyne SLSC. There were 3 new faces and 2 salvations. Worship, a powerful student testimony and then a short message rounded out the night.

West, which was run by Bec Southwell and all the West connect group leaders hosted 53 people at YOYOs at Forest Way. They had an art gallery (student artworks) food, a worship item and two testimonies.

North, which was run by Sophie Renton and Tim Exton and all the northconnect group leaders in the north hosted 38 people in the middle ofNewport shops (at the dentist). They had lots of people walk past who they made connection with and also saw 1 salvation.

So a total of 132 gathered on the Saturday night with 3 salvations and 5 visitors - not including people who dropped in.

Over all we were very happy with the result for our first one. It has caused us to think bigger and more strategically about how to really get the Gospel, which young people need so desperately, into the middle of our community. We really think we can have an amazing impact and see this thing bust open.

We are very excited for our next one! Looking forward to seeing more visitors, salvations and attendance at this outreach night later in the year.

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