Ps Mark + Bernie visit C3 in the US of A

We love our C3 Americas churches! There are currently 32 C3 Churches across the continent, 21 of which are in the US. Our wonderful Oxford Falls Executive Pastors Mark and Bernie Kelsey recently touched down from a trip that saw them visit C3 Manhattan, Brooklyn, North Hollywood and Silicon Valley

It's been a true joy in the C3 movement to see generations picking up the call to plant churches and carry the Gospel into new locations for the glory of God. Ps Mark and Bernie visited C3 Noho where they hung out with Pastor Jake and Nicole Sweetman (Jake is the son of Pastors Dean and Jill Sweetman), and took a trip to see C3 Silicon Valley's Adam Smallcombe (who is nephew to C3 San Francisco Pastors Mark and Gail Smallcombe). The Kelsey’s Long Island church was the first American plant some 20 years ago and is part testament to their sacrifice seeing what is now being achieved. So great was their impact on birthing C3 Churches across the US, that their son Josh along with his beautiful wife Georgie and son Brooks set sail from C3 Oxford Falls in 2013 to plant C3 Brooklyn, which is taking great steps toward transforming the city for Christ.

We’re seeing churches planted in new states that hold a very strong sense of community, reaching their locale with dinner parties, community hangs and a coffee culture. C3 in the US aren’t what “church” is typically known to be in America, so it is encouraging and wonderful to see their journey of growth.

Have a look below and be encouraged by what God is doing all over the world in our C3 movement. It's exciting to see the fruit and health of our friends and fellow Christians as we strive toward our local vision Sydney, A City For Christ. Thank you Jesus!

Photos courtesy of the Kelsey Instagram accounts.
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