God Heals // Klaas & Sandra's Hawaiian Holiday

Wherever we might be, we try to keep our eyes open for opportunities to reach out to people.

As a retired couple, with our 50th Anniversary on the horizon we don't ever want to 'retreat from active service' as the word 'retire' implies, but to live life with purpose and passion.  

We especially translate our purpose and passion into the arena of healing. Wherever we might be, we try to keep our eyes open for opportunities to reach out to people with an expectation that God’s redeeming love will move through us and change lives.

This story is one example of our endeavours to do just that. On holiday! On a cruise ship sailing to Hawaii! 

Klaas & Sandra on their Hawaiian holiday cruise

Klaas & Sandra on their Hawaiian holiday cruise

We asked God, as we often do, "Today Lord, who do you want to reveal your love and your healing touch to?"

 After purchasing a cup of coffee we were searching out somewhere to sit. "What about that couple over there?" I said. So we asked if we could join them. 

Congenial chit chat followed with the husband informing us they nearly had to cancel their holiday as he had been bedridden and in pain due to problems with his back. A physiotherapist was able to stabilise him enough to travel but the pain was constant. 

During conversation Klaas began to feel the familiar burning sensation in his hand. This is often a sign to him that Holy Spirit wants him to lay hands on that person and see them recover as we are directed to do in the Gospel of Mark.

So Klaas boldly said to the man, "I believe God wants to heal you. Would you like the pain to go?"

The man replied, "Yes please!" (Very rarely do we get a negative response). 

Klaas placed his hand where the pain was and prayed a simple prayer for God to heal him. 

From that point Klaas surprised himself with his own boldness when he said to the man, "OK, now get up and walk. Go up there and back". ‘Up there and back’ meant walking past tables of people enjoying their morning tea.  Klaas then called after him,  "And just keep thanking Jesus!" By this time we were starting to gather an audience! 

Following Klaas' directions the man turned to walk back towards us. That was a moment to behold! His beaming face said it all. He excitedly told us that as soon as he got up from his chair and started to walk the pain began to subside and when he turned to walk back the pain disappeared completely. 

What joy we felt as they embraced us. Here we were in the middle of the ocean experiencing the reality of God's love and goodness with two people we had only met an hour earlier. How grateful we were to share the love of Jesus with them and to see His love for this man backed up with a demonstration of His power to heal. 

Whenever we came across this couple, he would 'high five' Klaas and tell us he was feeling great and had no pain. He knew for sure that Jesus had healed him. And we knew for sure that we had witnessed two lives impacted with His redeeming love.

The Clan: Klaas & Sandra with their children & grand-children

The Clan: Klaas & Sandra with their children & grand-children

Sandra & Klaas walked through the doors of C3 Church, Oxford Falls twelve years ago. Straight away Klaas started serving on a Deacon Team and Sandra joined a Connect Group, with Night School next on their bucket list.  They have since been involved in the Healing Ministry, the Prime Team (services for the 55+ age group), the Christian Essentials Course and three connect groups. They are definitely living 'their best life'!

The Wysmans have three children; one daughter and two sons who are all married and with their spouses, all are Pastors. They also have eight grandchildren; four boys and four girls aged from six to twenty one.  

The beautiful grand kids

The beautiful grand kids