This Young Woman Is Taking A Giant Leap Of Faith

The journey to studying at C3 College can be a gradual one, when a number of different factors and situations direct people to Sydney's sandy shores. God provides wisdom and clarity to those who seek it and need it. Lily Meredith is a worship leader and key team member from C3 Lawrenceville, Atlanta. The Holy Spirit's gentle guidance revealed to Lily the next step on her own path - to study in Sydney and take home all that she learns to continue building His Kingdom. Words by Lily Meredith.

I first learned about C3 College in Oxford Falls when I started courses at C3 Lawrenceville's School of Ministry in 2011. Australia became a back burner dream for me, though I was too timid and insecure to actually consider moving across the world at any point in my life. After SOM (School of Ministry) I started going to a university for nursing prerequistes, and I hated it. I kept telling myself the next 4 years of school would be worth it in the end and kept pushing myself - all the while getting more and more depressed and less involved in church (because of my work/study schedule). By September of 2013 I was having suicidal thoughts, prior to a serious relationship with a guy ending, and was at my end. I decided to take a semester off of school to work on myself, and one night I woke up from a dream about C3 College Oxford Falls. I went online and read through every part of the site and started praying. I knew it couldn't be something to plan for just to run away from my problems in Lawrenceville, so I talked to Ps. Kay Weeks about it, who was all in for the idea of me enrolling for 2015. I dropped out of the university, quit my daycare job, and got a nanny job to start saving for the next year and a half.


Since I've been saving for college I've been heavily serving in church, most of which has been in C3 Grayson, a new church plant. I've been worship leading and playing piano every Sunday. If my pastors hadn't known that I was currently planning on coming to College, I would have been asked to fill their need of music/band director. About 6 months out from arriving in Sydney I realized that this church plant in Grayson met almost every bullet point on my list of why I wanted to come to College: to learn how to be a better worship leader, musician, church planter, etc. I was driving home from church one evening and cried out to God asking what He wanted me to do. I pulled up to a stoplight, looked to my left, and saw a big, glowing sign labeled "Oxford Falls Dry Cleaning." I laughed, thanked God for clarifying, and have never been more sure of anything in my life since.

I have come to C3 College because I know I'm supposed to be in ministry - whether that full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid, I don't care. I want to be a better worship leader, a church planter, and disciple-maker. I am expecting my world to be rocked! I know I'm a much more confident and wise person than I was before I graduated SOM in Lawrenceville, but I don't doubt that I won't be broken down even more and built up stronger than ever in the classes here in Sydney. I'm so looking forward to music courses that are centered in Christ and simply being a changed person because of the insane decision of moving out of my parents house for the first time and across the world by myself.

C3 College is Creative Arts and Bible College based at C3 Church Oxford Falls in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. You might be a creative person wanting to improve as an artist or a future church leader eager to develop the skills for a successful life in ministry. Maybe you're wanting to step into God's calling for your life but you're not sure where or how to start. Whatever your situation looks like... we're confident that with our three streams (Creative Arts, Leadership & Ministry & Online), there is a course suitable for you! Check out the website to learn more.