Volunteer Tales - Kat Bourne

This month we farewelled one of our superstar receptionists and resident friendly-email champion Kat Bourne. This loss is particularly felt given that she has so generously attended to the in-demand lolly bowl and added daily pep to the office with her routine check ups on staff and couriers alike. 
The below story is a little glimpse into the world of volunteerism through the eyes of Kat, who has given her time every Saturday morning to The Warringah Christian Bookshop. We love people like Kat - the world (and particularly the Northern Beaches!) is a better place because of her.

Words below by Kat Bourne.

The Warringah Christian Bookshop is a volunteer run, hole-in-the-wall shop located in a quiet Dee Why arcade. Their aim is to deepen the spiritual life of Christian believers, provide a space for fellowship and win the unsaved to Christ, with all profit going towards Christian missions. Even though hardly anyone knows it's there, the tiny store remains a shining light for Nanna's buying baptism and birthday cards. Despite only averaging one customer per shift (more often than not, that customer is me...), running this little store one Saturday morning a month for the last few years has been a gift. I’ve experienced so many priceless chats with customers from many different faith denominations as well as those who just pop in looking for a listening ear.


A stand out encounter would be meeting Sue. For whatever reason, one of the first places she wandered into after being diagnosed with cancer was the store. I was playing some worship music off my computer and felt that I had just the right atmosphere to nervously ask if she would like to pray together. Through sobs she eagerly accepted and all was going well until rapper Nelly's 'Hot in Herre' started playing with gusto from my speakers (it was the next in line after Holy Spirit, I really must categorise my iTunes...). Determined to see the prayer to the end, we continued, ignoring Nelly's advice to take our clothes off. Sue left her number in the suggestion book so the store could call her if they got any appropriate books in. I felt that she needed more than a book recommendation, so I copied her number into my mobile, and sent her text messages every few weeks during her treatment. She still comes in to see me for a teary hug on her way to the yoga studio upstairs - cancer free might I add.

Kat has completed C3 College and has been volunteering at our Oxford Falls campus in the TV Department, operating cameras at weekend services. If you would like to experience stories like the above and know how it feels to volunteer, email us - we'd love to place you!

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