VIDEO: These Stories Cut To The Heart Of What It Means To Love Jesus

We constantly wax lyrical about our incredible volunteers for one obvious reason: they are the people that build the Church. They set up auditoriums, change screens throughout the service, help with weekly administration in the office, assist with the significant moment of altar call, act as the first smiling face that newcomers encounter, hand out flyers, lead teams, run connect groups, lead the congregation into divine moments of worship, write run sheets, design and create incredible visual masterpieces, clean, organise, pray for people and exercise grand gestures of generosity. The list is too exhaustive to continue.

Many hands make light work. We always need more hands - so if your hands are ready to take up the challenge, we want to hear from you. But first, watch the video below. 

Groovy, right? Well don't just watch it, get in touch with us! We will find your fit. Whether it be at Presence Conference or at weekend services generally, email us and we will cater to your skills/time/expertise and capacity.


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