Young Adults OF: Who's Who?

Every wondered who's who in Young Adult Ministry? Well now you know! We have some amazing leaders and we'd love to introduce them to you. The Young Adults office is all about getting our people connected and helping them take their Next Step in their walk with God. We're wanting to see hundreds of Young Adults empowered to reach out and build the church.


Our illustrious and mighty leaders. James and Tammy are both incredible pastors and have a heart to see the Young Adults of this church become secure in who they are, convicted in their calling and passionate about seeing the lost won to Jesus.

Aside from pastoring the YA community they’re also the Service Pastors of our Sunday Night service.


ROLE : Events and Operations
Euon is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the Young Adult office. He spends most of his time coordinating, managing, strategising and doing various other things that sound much more complicated than they really are. 


ROLE : Connect
Andy is a legend in Young Adult Ministry and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone better at managing and co-ordinating connect groups. He is also a fashion guru and one of the kindest people you will every meet.


What's a connect oversight you ask? These guys and girls are some of the greatest Young Adults in our Church and they all run cranking connect groups. They're such incredible leaders that we've made them oversights for small networks of connect groups. They coach, they pastor, they party and they're all great examples of Young Adults building the church.

Simon is the Senior Product Manager at Medtronic and Cathy works for Matchbox pictures. They're the epitome of 'power-couple' and we guarantee these two are going to do big things!

Pete is a teacher at Oxford Falls Grammer School and Bek is on staff at Church as Service Producer. They're both passionate about people and building the Church and we couldn't be happier to have them on the team


Tom and Bec are recent additions to the Connect Oversight role and are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Tom is a butcher and Bec is a veteran from youth leadership who is now launching into the marketplace

The Jones' are veterans of YA ministry and have truly dedicated their lives to building the Church. You'll often see Kristian leading worship in one of our services and Amanda is a freelancing creative extraordinaire.


When he's not coming up with overly complexstrategies to build the church, Euon runs a network filled with a bunch of 18-25 year old guys.

Lisa Byers is the other Byers. She's another veteran in the YA community and along with Andy they run a cranking network of Connect Leaders.



This year Tessa will be tackling our various events and gatherings. She loves to see people gathered, connected and in community  - so get ready to party!

Tadiwa has an incredible passion for seeing the Church active in the community. We're so stoked to have her on board this year and directing all our outreach initiatives.

Scott is simply passionate about people. We're incredibly lucky to have him and would struggle to find someone better suited to overseeing our follow-up!

Liv is our new Next Step guru and is going to be taking on the massive job of ensuring our Young Adults are taking their next step and growing in God!