A Message of Hope in Sri Lanka

With the help of C3 Sri Lanka and Child Action Lanka (CAL), run by dedicated Pastors Deb and Dilshan Edirisinghe, some of Sri Lanka's most vulnerable and disadvantaged children are being given the precious gift of education.

This month, 42 computers from C3 Oxford Falls campus were packed and sent to Sri Lanka where they will be used in the CAL Education Centres, Programs and Mobile Classrooms, which have been set up to provide these children with access to education and a pathway to skilled employment when they are older. These centres assist children in Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Batticaloa and Killinochchi. 

Through C3 Beyond sponsorship, Feed The Hungry Programs & CAL Education Programs, the lives of these children are being transformed. One of the first children to be educated through the computers has gone from being a beggar to studying Law.

The story for how we were able to collect these computers and then raise the funds to send them to the children, is a testimony to the amazing hand of God and the impact of individual people, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their efforts;

Jim Fisher and Graham Hickson from the C3 Oxford Falls IT department identified an opportunity to acquire out of lease computers from Equipgroup, who were replacing the computers across our C3 Oxford Falls Campus. Equipgroup were very generous in giving us the computers at a discounted price. 

Through generous donations from Richard Forsyth's Big W work colleagues, we were able to raise the majority of the money needed to send the shipment to Sri Lanka. C3 Beyond provided the remaining amount.

Amazingly, the Sri Lankan President’s wife, First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, heard of the great work of Child Action Lanka and ensured the computers arrived safely.

To learn more about CAL (Child Action Lanka) and how they are assisting and transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka, click here to go to their website

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