Heart of a Volunteer: Felicity

Every week hundreds of youth gather together to attend our Friday night Youth services. These meetings are run by a faithful team of young adults that give up their time to serve our 11-18 year olds. We asked one of our team leaders to share some thoughts on why she serves and how this has blessed her world..

My name is Felicity, I’m 21 and I’m one of the team at SG Senior High at C3 Church Oxford falls. I volunteer my time running the graphics team at youth, which involves weekly event promos and screens, social media campaigns and photography.

I serve first and foremost because I love the House. The Church is my home and I feel so passionate about seeing it built. Our youth ministry is where I first met Jesus and my heart is to see the young people of the northern beaches also come to meet Him.  I also serve to honour God with the gifts He’s given me. It says in Romans 11:29 that ‘the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable’ and I totally feel that He’s blessed me with creativity so I can bring Him glory and help others find Him.

Serving at church is also such a great platform to build and refine skills that transfer into the secular world. Working in a team environment, meeting deadlines and working to serve your leaders vision are skills that are so valuable in the world. Surrounding myself by the high calibre of creatives at C3 and being immersed in a church that has such a high quality to everything we do has helped me set myself up to realize how great creative work can be.


Volunteering is a great way to contribute, meet people and get connected in to the life of our church. Our teams are flexible; you can choose where you would like to serve as well as how often. All aspects of our Weekend Services are run with the help of our volunteer teams. Some of these include welcoming, photography, filming, greeting visitors and even helping out with C3 Kids. If you would like to join a team, you can visit the Volunteer Hub or the Concierge Desk at your campus.