In This Manner - Ps Phil Pringle on prayer

Ps Phil Pringle

Matt 6:9 
In this manner, therefore, pray:      

Our Father in heaven,      
Hallowed be Your name.

The entire tone of the Lord’s prayer is not that of a begging, pleading, pathetically unworthy soul. Rather, the tone is declaring and verging on commanding as though we are to prophesy the prayers we pray…

‘Hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done.’ 

Boldness, the child of faith, is essential to the success of prayer. Fervency, the passion born from the fire of heaven, is the ingredient James reminds us, achieves much. The first five points of the Lord’s prayer are to do with God Himself, not us. His heart must be our first concern, and the first of those concerns is that His Name is revered and held sacred. This declaration is our war against the blasphemies of darkness which malign the character and thus the reputation of our Father in Heaven. When all is well, people tend to give themselves the credit. When all goes wrong people tend to blame God. Catastrophes are tagged ‘Acts of God’. His love is called into question against the vast backdrop of pain and suffering in our world. The devil has been at this since the beginning, ‘Has God said…?’ Is He holding out on you? Can’t you have it all?' This picture of God, the ‘divine wet blanket’, the heavenly kill-joy’ still survives today.

Our prayer, declarations, prophecies and signals first and foremost are to ‘hallow’ the magnificent reputation and character of God as loving, healing, life-giving, saving, strengthening, and the never ending list of qualities that genuinely deserve the description of ‘Awesome’. Prayer must begin with worship, if we are to ever pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, and that worship is to ensure His Name is exalted far above all others.

Phil Pringle is the Senior and Founding Pastor of C3 Church. 
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