Pampered with Purpose

Once a year, C3 Church city campus – a beautiful, sandstone, heritage–listed church in Darlinghurst, Sydney – is turned into a gorgeous Day Spa where trained beauticians volunteer their time giving facials, manicures, pedicures, hair styling, makeovers and more. Check out the gallery of the day below. Together, the women raised a spectacular $12,000 to bring hope and help to families of Northern Uganda!

After 20 years of civil war, just as the people of Northern Uganda start to recover, they are now facing another tragedy.

Nodding Syndrome is a mysterious illness that affects the brains and nervous system of children, primarily between the ages of 5-15. Children display a sleepy appearance and appear to “nod off” and lose contact with the world around them. They are not sleeping, but in fact experiencing seizures. During times of seizures, they cannot control body movement and are prone to wander off—sometimes falling into fires or drowning in bodies of water, causing disfigurement or even death.  

Each seizure (and there can be many each day) causes increased diminishment in mental capacity. Over the course of time, many children develop severe growth retardation; a child who is 12 or 13 chronologically will appear to be 6 or 8 years old. Children lose control of their bodies and can no longer perform basic acts of hygiene, feeding or dressing, eventually regressing to an almost infantile stage.

These children are not born like this, it appears without warning and leaves mothers devastated and desperate for help. Mothers are at times forced to tie up their children to prevent them from serious harm whilst having an unexpected seizure. Mothers already living in extreme poverty are left to care for a seriously disabled child with no support, and no medical assistance. Hope For Humans is now working in Northern Uganda to not only support these families but also try and find a cause and a cure.

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