Presence Scholarship 2014 // C3 College

What is it like to pursue a calling to come to C3 College? Scholarship winner Euon Fam shares his experience below. Images by Leadership Ministry student Laura Saler.

Winning a scholarship to C3 College has truly been one of the most impacting events of my life.

Before winning the scholarship I was in a really uncertain place. I had just finished up a long stint in youth leadership, but had a strong desire and sense of calling into ministry. Although, I had no idea how to get from where I was to where I felt I needed to be.

Winning the scholarship opened a door for me that I never realised was even there. It offered me an incredible opportunity to see myself equipped for my calling and positioned perfectly for God to challenge and transform me.

The classes and overall experience have exceeded all expectations. To sit under the teaching of lecturers, who are themselves deeply involved in various areas of ministry, has been a powerful learning opportunity.

I never expected that I would do the full three years, but I soon realised that the journey God has me on is much bigger than I ever anticipated. I am now the Volunteers Manager of Young Adults Department of C3 Church Oxford Falls as my third year internship . To think it all started with a simple scholarship application is a really staggering thought. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity.


C3 College is excited to give away a scholarship worth up to $5,600 to a Presence 2014 delegate to study at C3 College Oxford Falls in either Creative Arts or Leadership Ministry; beginning July 2014 or February 2015. This scholarship covers the winner's tuition fees for one year of full-time study in either stream. The winner will be announced at Presence Conference on Thursday night, April 24.

Apply HERE.