Sophie's Thoughts // Foundations are Essential

To share my journey of going to the Essentials course, I really need to start at the beginning. 

I have gone to church my whole life, and always loved it.  I love the people, the community, the presence of God and the fact that it feels like home. 

However as all of us must do, I still had to make the decision that I wasn’t just in church because I loved the people, or because my parents loved God, but that I actually loved God for myself and wanted to spend my life in a true and real relationship with Him.  This moment came when I was about 12 years old, I was in a church meeting at a youth camp and I truly felt God for the first time.  I felt a sense of peace, of joy, of hope and there was no going back.  Once I had experienced Him, I could not deny that he existed. 

From then on I started helping out in my churches’ youth team, kids’ team and anywhere that I could…  I just loved being at church.  In my last year of high school an opportunity arose for me to move from New Zealand and go to Bible College at C3 Oxford Falls.  So I took it, and found myself on the most amazing journey.  I met incredible people and I learnt so much about God, His nature, His character, and was trained and equipped to live my life for Him.

I say all of this to say that when the thought crossed my mind to do the Essentials course, I thought, “That’s a bit weird; I’ve gone to church my whole life, I’ve done Bible College, I really should know the basics by now (otherwise I’ve got some issues)!” However as always God knows best.

The Essentials course was the best thing for me, because it actually took me back to the basics. 

The longer we are around church life the more we complicate it, but the message of Jesus is the most uncomplicated message there is and Essentials reminded me of that.

What I loved about the course is that it doesn’t just fill your head with information, it is brought to life by Ps Richard and Kate Forsyth.  They bring clarity, understanding and inspire you by sharing their stories, of what God has done in their lives.  And you start to think, “If God can do it for them, He can do it for me,” and faith begins to rise in your heart. 

The greatest thing I took away from Essentials, was being reminded of the power of prayer and walking out our lives in a close relationship with God. As we do this we find ourselves equipped for whatever comes our way.

I would encourage everyone to do Essentials. It does not matter if you don’t understand anything about God and the Bible, it is a safe place to ask questions and lay a solid foundation.  

For those who have been in church a while, there is such a power in positioning yourself to learn more about God and be reminded of who He is & what He can do in your life. Go on, jump in and sign up, you won’t regret it.


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Sophie is the Youth Pastor at Oxford Falls Grammar School and also a key Leader in SG Youth at our Oxford Falls campus, overseeing connect groups in her area.

Having previously graduated in 2008 with a Diploma in Christian Ministry majoring in Youth Ministry at C3 College, she went on to complete a Certificate IV in Community Services in 2010. Sophie is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in Psychology & Sociology and lives on the Northern Beaches.

Whether you have been a Christian for a while, have recently made a decision to follow Jesus Christ or are wondering what Christianity and Church is all about, we welcome you to join us at our Essentials course.

Be equipped with the foundations for a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ where He will empower you to move forward into the incredible plans He has for you. Discover why being connected to God, Church and great people is essential to help you live your best life! The speakers share real stories of God powerfully in action in their own lives. Through Essentials many lives have been transformed to experience His blessing and power.