Taking Authority in Jesus' Name

My wife Scotty and I moved from country NSW to Sydney in the year 2000 to attend C3 College. Little did we know just how God would shape us and eventually move us into full-time itinerant ministry.

Today we see God move with healing signs and wonders - not only in churches, but daily in our personal encounters with people in everyday life.

Here is an example: I was chatting with a hairdresser during an appointment. She kept asking me what I do on weekends, so eventually I said "I get to pray for people almost every day and God heals them." She was amazed. While I was paying for my haircut, she mentioned that her shoulder was too painful to move freely. I offered to pray for her (right there and then) and she agreed. As I reached over the counter and prayed for her shoulder, all the pain instantly left her arm and she regained full movement. She was overjoyed so I gave her our church details and invited her along.

The following Sunday she arrived at church with her parents. They all came forward after the service for healing prayer. Her stepfather was legally blind. He instantly received significant improvement in his sight and no longer uses his white cane. Her mother received instant relief from painful arthritis in her hands, and all three of them gave their lives to Christ. Her parents now serve in church and are getting baptised soon.

This is just one of many stories. So how did this come about?

In 2007/08 my son Anthony was being bullied at school. This spurred me to seek God and intercede for my family. I began to pray in tongues for 2 hours every day. I switched off the talk-back radio in my work truck and listened over and over to scripture passages on CD instead. After a month or so, I found I could memorise complete Psalms.

What really works is meditating on the Word so much that I memorise it. The Word is life-changing when it’s IN you. Like Jesus in the wilderness - the Word was in Him so He was able to use the Word to defeat Satan.

Around 90% of the time I spend with God is spent praying in tongues. It works in my life just the same as it did way back in the book of Acts for the early Church.

The Word and praying in tongues has propelled my life into the supernatural and I am forever changed and grateful to God for His good gifts and faithfulness. 

Brett and his wife Scotty are dedicated, valued and loved members of our Silverwater campus. Brett's dedication to uncovering the power of God in transforming people's lives has helped him in his healing ministry as he intercedes for others.