The Substance of Things Hoped For // Jean's Enduring Faith

Prayer is an intimate dialogue between man and God, that, partnered with robust faith, can make mountains move into the sea. Jean MacFarlane from C3 Oxford Falls campus shares her revelation of NOW - how the Holy Spirit walked her through a challenging period of illness and the walk of faith toward healing through prayer. 

Following a routine blood test seven years ago, I was diagnosed with an atypical form of leukaemia classed as CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukaemia) with a worrying factor of a faulty chromosome. The disease was incurable, with a life expectancy of two to five years.

As I drove home from the doctor’s surgery, a Casting Crowns song was playing, “But the Voice of Truth tells me a different story, the Voice of Truth says do not be afraid, the Voice of Truth says this is for My glory, out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of truth.”  This song gave me hope.  I had three small grand-daughters at the time (I now have five grand-children) and I desperately wanted to see them grow up. 

Five months into chemotherapy, my blood seemed to be showing signs of improvement. My haematologist wanted me to have a stem cell transplant.  I asked if she could instead monitor me with three monthly blood tests, as the risks of the transplant were so high to someone of my age. She said that was not an option.

That was the week of the Presence Conference. I went forward when Pastor Phil prayed for people who had been diagnosed with cancer. I was doing all the things I knew to do.  For instance, I had received a prophecy over my life a few years prior to this time, saying that God was going to heal me right through to the very marrow of my bones. Strange words at the time but they made sense in 2007.  I was praying and speaking this over my life as well as other scriptures. Interesting that the Holy Spirit had given me the ammunition years before it was actually needed. 

I heard a testimony in the church by a woman who was healed when she was prayed for.  She knew at the time of prayer that she was healed. I knew I didn’t have that revelation.

I pestered God for the next three days. I wanted faith for NOW, not some time in the future. Three days later in the middle of the night, I awoke with a thought that something had happened. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to get up and write it down immediately.

As I reflected on what to write, I felt the Lord told me that it was as if I had just been called to say that I had been successful in a job interview.  Although I hadn’t started the job I could tell people I had it.  It was the same with my healing.  I had to say “I am healed”.  My husband and I took this on board and confessed it to one another.

L-R: grandson liam, friend jim, son scott, daughter-in-law amber, jean, grand daughters eva, elecia, georgia, ruby, son-in-law mark and daughter leanne.

L-R: grandson liam, friend jim, son scott, daughter-in-law amber, jean, grand daughters eva, elecia, georgia, ruby, son-in-law mark and daughter leanne.

When treatment had finished, my specialist told me I was in complete remission. This was a surprise to her, with the results so unusual that she and her colleagues agreed to keep an eye on my blood every three months, instead of doing the stem cell transplant.

The faulty chromosome had shown in 40% of my blood prior to treatment.  A second bone marrow biopsy showed an 8% result and the final one showed 0%.  Here I am five years later and the blood test results are still clear of disease. I asked the specialist at the time of the final results if I had received a miracle.  She conceded, “It would appear there may have been some divine intervention.”  She says my case is definitely not normal and uses me as an example of hope, for people who have been diagnosed with the same disease.  I love the fact my story may help others to have hope. 

I thank God for the church, for the faith that Pastors Phil and Chris and their team at C3 Church show to the body of Christ, for the prayer team and the churches in the movement.  I was surrounded by such love and prayer in the house of God. I thank God and fully appreciate every day I have.

Jean and her family were saved in C3 Church in 1981. She was a back-up vocalist in the main church, led a women's connect group and a mixed connect group with her husband Jim in the early days. Jim became an on staff pastor at the church then pastored three churches in the movement until 2002. Jean was actively involved in worship, women's groups and prayer, and she has a deeper desire than ever to see people healed and restored by the power of the Holy Spirit. She now enjoys working as a medical secretary and has recently celebrated her 45th wedding anniversary.