The Sunrise Girl

sunrise girl.JPG

"Just as I have Loved you, you are also to Love one another."  [John 13.14]

How do we receive love? Do we let it all in, or only as much as we think we deserve? Surely how we receive will then affect how we GIVE love.

This was the journey of thoughts I went on as I wrote and created the sunrise girl earlier this year. I wanted to share my revelation of what it means to know for SURE in my heart that I am loved by my God.

Our Father's love is a strong and powerful message. But why tell it the same old way? Inspired by a book of old folklore I was reading, I wondered: "What if the gospel of Love was a fairy-tale set in an ancient forest where magical lagoons and evil witches existed?!" Why not! 

Everyone deserves to know the truth we know and we will always tell it. But I hope we always look for new, beautiful and fun ways to tell the most powerful and unchanging story of all.  

The Sunrise Girl was the 2013 winner of Film 120, an annual short film festival hosted by C3 College. Entries were asked to create a 3 minute film based around the theme of 360 Degree Relationships. The judging panel for this year included Ps Phil Pringle, Genevieve Clay (2009 winner of Tropfest Film Festival) and the Creative Director of C3 College, Stephen Thomas