Volunteer Heroes - Cynthia Bell

We love highlighting not only the work of our incredible volunteers at C3, but also the vastness of opportunities to serve in a number of different and rewarding areas. This month we are focusing on the important work of our C3 Chaplaincy program.

Cynthia Bell has been at C3 since 2007. She has been involved in serving and leading in various capacities in the church including the security team, prayer team, new members, connect leading, and in her workplace. She has also volunteered in telephone counselling and in aged care but more recently found her passion as a Chaplain to bring the love of Jesus to women working in the sex industry. Cynthia recognises the need to be equipped for these demanding roles and has completed numerous training courses.  


I was drawn to Chaplaincy because I wanted to give back to the community in a way that would plant seeds of hope into people's lives. The Chaplaincy ministry l serve in is at Salvo's Auburn. It's called "Sisters Keeper" and is a brothel ministry. We have a team of women that meet every alternate Monday & we go out into four brothels in the surrounding areas.

We pray for the sex workers and then go in teams of two. It's hit and miss if we get to see the women as they're either working or sometimes on a rare occasion we may not gain entry depending on the manager. We take them cupcakes, biscuits or muffins and a Salvo's multi lingual leaflet which has our phone number for different services they may need to access.

Mostly we are well received and the women can see our heart for them. God uses this Chaplaincy ministry to show the women that He loves them. There is a lot of brokenness, abuse or offence some of the women have had with men. I believe that we are slowly bridging the gap to show them Jesus loves them.

Recently the kids ministry at the Church had written love letters from Jesus to the women. We put these with the cupcakes and they were so touched that it definitely permeated through their tough exterior. 

I believe serving in this ministry has opened my heart a whole lot more to the marginalised and broken. I would highly recommend volunteering as a Chaplain as it will open doors only Jesus can open in ways that you could never imagined. If He's knocking at the door of your heart for Chaplaincy then it's up to you to open it and walk through to the unique purpose He's got for you.

The C3 Chaplaincy program builds relationships in the community by meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs of all people, without discrimination and in every field of life. Our C3 Chaplaincy Team includes ordained chaplains, accredited chaplaincy team members, experienced pastoral care workers, chaplaincy students and people who are on a journey to becoming a Chaplain.

Our Chaplaincy program operates in hospitals, mental health services, nursing homes, pregnancy support, prisons, school, sports and in support of women involved in prostitution. 

Do you feel called to offer emotional and spiritual support to people? Why not consider joining our team? GET IN TOUCH