Volunteer Heroes - James Cooper

We love highlighting not only the work of our incredible volunteers at C3, but also the vastness of opportunities to serve in a number of different and rewarding areas. This month we are focusing on the important work of our C3 Chaplaincy program.

James Cooper and his wife Helen have been passionate members of C3 church for 22 years.  James has been involved with CAP, Alpha, Connect leading, Go Team, Altar call and equips himself through C3 Night College training and Chaplaincy training. James is an active participant with Sports Chaplaincy Australia.

What made you want to serve/volunteer as a Chaplain?

There was a chaplain at the PGA (golf) who influenced my life when I was starting my training at 17, and he played with me and he has remained on my mind all this time. He is actually still there and is now a positive influence on my son, who is also playing professionally.

I am grateful for my own experience and would like to give that back to the community. It is easy as it combines my passions for sport and the gospel together.    

Tell us a little more about your role as a Chaplain (location/ where you serve as a Chaplain, what you do in this role)

As a member of the PGA I now manage competitions, teach younger golfers and run the golf club. I am also involved in recruiting young college players and advising them about their sports careers. My reputation and involvement in the industry, gives credibility to my chaplaincy involvement.  

As a person who cares, I am there for people when they are going through difficulties, both professional and personal and I am able to bring my beliefs and share those with the person and offer to pray for them.

How does God use Chaplains to build his Church and his Kingdom on Earth? 

I have recently been able to support an old PGA friend. We did our PGA traineeship together. He was having some major relationship challenges.  I was able to share my faith with him and invite him along to Alpha where he gave his heart to the Lord. Chaplaincy is walking out a journey with people.

What has serving as a Chaplain done for you personally?

It gives me a sense of fulfillment with my gifts.  I have a heart to share the gospel with people, and chaplaincy legitimises my gifting

What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering as a Chaplain?

If you're a prayerful believer and you've been thinking about it, then God's saying something to you.

The C3 Chaplaincy program builds relationships in the community by meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs of all people, without discrimination and in every field of life. Our C3 Chaplaincy Team includes ordained chaplains, accredited chaplaincy team members, experienced pastoral care workers, chaplaincy students and people who are on a journey to becoming a Chaplain.

Our Chaplaincy program operates in hospitals, mental health services, nursing homes, pregnancy support, prisons, school, sports and in support of women involved in prostitution. 

Do you feel called to offer emotional and spiritual support to people? Why not consider joining our team? GET IN TOUCH