Leaving the picturesque south island of New Zealand in 1980, Pastor Phil Pringle, along with his wife Christine, their three children and some faithful friends, followed the call of God and established the first Christian City Church in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney; known globally today as C3 Church.

Living in a hippie commune in the 1970’s, Phil and Chris were radically converted to Christianity in a small conservative Pentecostal church. Marrying soon after, they totally embraced their new life and faith together; preaching the gospel with everyone they encountered, reaching out to the poor and needy, and literally sharing all they owned.

Eventually, they pastored a small church in the town of Littleton New Zealand. One day in a café, ever the artist, Ps Phil sketched their church dream on a napkin as they shared coffee – ‘what value that napkin be!’ - the rest, as they say, is history.

Pastor Phil Pringle is an artistic modernist in the colourful storytelling of the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, exploring and using today’s many creative platforms. He has always advocated the continuing reviving of the arts in Christian ministry, to be excellent, relevant, and expedient, in today’s complex culture and society.

As a young man, Phil studied fine arts at University and is known around the world for his artwork. His vibrant, colourful canvasses, sculptures, and live stage paintings in front of thousands of people continue to bring that passion to the next generation.

As their church expanded in the 1980’s, Phil and Chris Pringle pioneered a new Leadership & Creative Ministry School, to date it has graduated over 8000 students, many into Christian service and ministry. Now known as C3 College, it continues to grow each year, training local and international students in creative arts, ministry, and leadership.

Nothing is achieved without commitment, only the disciplined will accomplish their dreams.
— Phil Pringle

Phil and Christine Pringle also founded C3 Church Global, launching a worldwide movement of rapidly growing churches, currently with 360 in 70 countries, over 100,000 people, and a vision of 1000 churches established by 2020.

The C3 Church Oxford Falls campus in Sydney has a state of the art TV studio that produces the program ‘Your Best Life’ featuring Pastor Phil’s teaching, and the wonderful worship music and culture of C3 Global, viewed by millions on many TV channels around the world.

Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle’s great love is the local church, ultimately winning Sydney to Christ, and the many other cities C3 Global has expanded to. Pastor Phil is increasingly in high demand as a key communicator on faith, church planting, and leadership. He is committed to developing the many bold and varied leaders needed who can expand the C3 Global vision and plant churches: where hope can be found, the lost saved, the power of the Holy Spirit revealed, along with all the colourful vibrant storytelling of the gospel, synonymous with Pastor’s Phil and Chris Pringle.



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