As we mark another significant year of our Vision Builders initiative, we are forever thankful to you for your sacrifice, faithfulness and commitment to building God’s kingdom, both locally and beyond. 

What we do has a ripple effect into our communities and sees countless lives transformed, people meeting Jesus and families restored.

Vision Builders is and always will be about His people, the Church. This is the house of God, and we are the hands and feet charged with helping others meet Jesus. There is no greater honour!

Through your investment into our campuses across the city of Sydney, our Beyond program, our media broadcasts and our C3 College we are shining the light of Christ and bringing the message of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Together, we are vision builders.


Phil and Chris Pringle,
Senior and Founding Pastors, C3 Church



At the core of C3 Church is a passion and mandate to reach the world for Jesus. We recognise that people won’t simply come to us, but that we have to GO to them. Our vision is to take the Good News into nations, into communities and into households. We are building a legacy of transformed lives through an abundance of initiatives and facilities that require financial support to become reality.

Whether it be funding college training facilities, giving away countless cars and hampers and donations to families in need, supporting those struggling financially to lead healthy and debt-free lives, feeding thousands of children and their families in developing nations and our immediate local area, assisting single mums, teaching scripture, partnering with organisations to end suicide, serving breakfast to local high school students, planting hundreds of churches across the globe, investing in leadership training days for hundreds of pastors, donating crucial medical equipment to resource hospitals, releasing children from poverty through sponsorship and making the story of God’s redeeming grace available online to millions around the world – we are dedicated to committing all that we can to see people meet Jesus.

This is the House of God.
This is your house.


Essential Information

How can I join in prayer?

  • Pray for all our locations. That people would be drawn to come along, that they would meet Jesus Christ and be set free.
  • Pray for doors to open through Beyond and C3 Media. That people would be pointed to Jesus Christ through us meeting real needs, bringing hope and preaching the good news to the nations.
  • Pray for all the Vision Builders. That our Church would continue to be blessed to be a blessing and that we would see the vision of Sydney, a city for Christ come to pass.


How can you be a part of Vision Builders in 2016?

  • Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you, based on wisdom, prayer and faith. Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice, not equal giving.
  • Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders commitment card throughout June 2016. Alternatively, you can obtain a commitment card at any time from the Information Desk in the church foyer. 


Choose your method of fulfilment

  • Regular Payment: Making a regular weekly or monthly contribution is one of the most successful ways to fulfil your commitment.
  • Salary Sacrifice: You can arrange with your employer to make a deduction from your salary each pay.
  • Direct Credit: This can be arranged through your employer or bank. Your bank can arrange regular transfers that occur automatically. You can also arrange regular payments via Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can choose to make a payment from money currently available or when you receive a work bonus, tax refund or sell an asset.
  • Online Donation: This is a popular way of giving. Simply visit our website at or C3 Church App and click on the ‘Online Giving’ tab. Select the ‘Vision Builders’ field, complete the requested information for a ‘one time gift’ or ‘recurring gift’ and continue with ‘Next’.


Important Information

  • Bank Details: For use with salary sacrifice and direct transfers.
    • Account Name: C3 Vision Builders
    • BSB: 062127 Account Number: 10189658
  • Taxation Benefits: All donations in excess of $2 given to C3 Vision Builders ABN 95 002 558 134 are tax deductible. The real cost of your contribution can therefore be significantly less than the amount donated, however please seek advice from your financial advisor. A Tax Receipt will be issued after the end of the Financial Year.
  • Other Funds: An account that does not have tax deductibility status has been set up for those who do not need or wish to take advantage of the taxation benefits. Money given to this account can be used for Vision Builder initiatives beyond the purpose approved by the Australian Taxation Office. The Account details are as follows:
    • All Campuses:
    • ‘C3 Vision Builders – Non Deductible’
    • Please contact for the bank details. Information is compliant with current Taxation rulings at time of going to print.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vision Builders Program?

  • The Vision Builders Program is the overarching banner for our Rise & Build, Beyond and Media & Television Initiatives. Vision Builders is responsible for raising the finance needed to facilitate all of these areas of our Church Life.

Can I give to Vision Builders instead of Tithing?

  • Vision Builders should be seen as giving ‘over and above’ the Tithe.

What if I can’t fulfil my pledge?

  • Firstly, we encourage people to make realistic pledges. Having done that, we understand that sometimes events happen and for whatever reason people find difficulty in fulfilling their pledge within the timeframe. We suggest that you may still want to fulfil your pledge by breaking it down into smaller amounts over a longer period of time.

I am new to church, should I be giving to Vision Builders? If so, why?

  • There is no pressure for anyone to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. New people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who finds that our vision resonates with them.

I am in significant debt, should I pay off my debts or give to Vision Builders?

  • If you are in ‘significant’ debt, after your tithe, the debt should be your next priority. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount (or even clearing it completely) should be attempted as you also make a manageable gift to Vision Builders. Remember no amount is insignificant.

Do you need my details? I wish to remain anonymous.

  • You may remain anonymous if you wish, and all the details of your giving will be kept confidential. However, you will not be able to claim tax deductibility for your giving as we will be unable to provide you with a record of your contribution, which you will need to submit to the Australian Tax Office.

How do we know where the money goes?

  • Funds are spent in accordance with the initiatives presented and as updated during the year. All our accounts are independently audited annually to ensure compliance, and lodged with ACNC